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We start in middle school
and commit 10+ years
of coaching to every student

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means giving every family
the option of sending
their children to college.

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Congraduations to our Class of 2016!


Our Mission

First Graduate is a San Francisco-based college success program that helps students finish high school and become the first in their families to graduate from college ready to pursue meaningful careers. 

Why Are We Here?

8 out of 10 SFUSD students do not have a parent with a college degree, and without some form of intervention only 4% of them will graduate college. 

A 10-Year Journey

We recruit students in 6th grade and provide them over 300 hours of free coaching each year until they graduate college. 


100% of our high school seniors graduate from high school and enroll in colleges such as Barnard, Harvard, Middlebury, The University of San Francisco, Tufts, and UC Berkeley. You make this possible. 

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Years of coaching for each student

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