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Join us at Cap & Gown
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Our Mission

First Graduate is a San Francisco-based college success program that helps students finish high school and become the first in their families to graduate from college ready to pursue meaningful careers. 

Why We Are Here

8 out of 10 SFUSD students do not have a parent with a college degree, and without some form of intervention only 4% of them will graduate college. 

What We Do

We coach students over a 10 year period - from sixth grade through college graduation. We provide academic tutoring, high school and college application assistance, family engagement events, career exploration activities, and access to college scholarships. 


100% of our high school seniors graduate from high school and enroll in colleges such as Barnard, Harvard, Middlebury, The University of San Francisco, Tufts, and UC Berkeley. 

Learn About Our Students

Or Watch Them In Action

Donate TODAY and make it possible for us to provide:

Hours of personalized coaching each year

Students a Chance to Become College Graduates

Years of coaching and support for each student


Keep In Touch With First Graduate


Here's what people are saying about First Graduate

  • First Graduate is the safety harness that catches us when we fall.
    College Freshman
  • First Graduate helped me realize that college was a possibility.
    12th Grader
  • Make First Graduate a school.
    7th Grader
  • The one thing that I really loved about the program were the academic classes.
    9th Grader
  • First Graduate is going to help me do better in school.
    7th Grader
  • I loved the teachers and the academic classes.
    7th Grader
  • My grades were suffering, so I came to First Graduate in search of a way to improving my academics.
    9th Grader
  • I love that they teach us about what we would learn next year in the classes, like in math class.
    9th Grader
  • Thanks to First Graduate's academic support I was able to graduate from high school and am now finishing my first year at college.
    JoannaCollege Freshman
  • I had a great summer and didn't forget things I normally would've forgotten. I loved Career Day where I went to a REAL college campus.
    7th Grader
  • First Graduate helped me with the application to a Catholic high school which I had no idea how to do, and in the end I was accepted.
    9th Grader
  • I cannot put into words how amazing this program is! I am so glad and thankful that I joined 10+ years ago. The staff and supporters continue to go out of their way to make sure each student has the tools to get into college, succeed in college, and succeed in life.
    Lori LuongFG Alum
  • I would not be the person I am today without the support and care of my first graduate family!
    JodieFG Alumni
  • When First Graduate recruited me to the program, I became familiar with the expectations and requirements that universities look for in college candidates. With their help and support, I was accepted to most of the universities I applied to.
    Brayan RodriguezFG Alumni
  • I love having my English and math teachers because they are funny and make learning interesting.
    9th Grader
  • I really loved the teachers, they were so fun and caring. Their lessons were fascinating. I enjoyed the program this summer.
    9th Grader
  • I've learned many things during my years with First Graduate, but above all I have learned the importance of staying on track and taking advantage of help and opportunities offered to me.
    AlexisCollege Freshman
  • It was fabulous to work a summer session that was focused on futures and not just remedial fixing of grades. Giving students future skills is great.    
    Summer Session Math Teacher
  • Fun academic classes, I enjoyed English and STEM.
    8th Grader
  • The best thing that happened this year at First Graduate is that I got better at math.
    8th Grader
  • This program has helped me realize that I am capable of going to college, and the college tours helped me to start thinking about where I want to go.
    10th Grader
  • I am grateful for First Graduate's college tours, personal statement workshops, FAFSA workshops, and most of all for their friendly advice.
    BrayanFG Alumni
  • Staff and students were a delight at all times. It was a place I looked forward to coming to every morning. Thank you First Graduate.
    Summer Session Teacher
  • I really love how they have good staff and peer mentors.
    8th Grader
  • First Graduate helped me get into a great high school. They prepared me to take the entrance test...When I got accepted to the Bay School I was really happy because I didn't think I could make it, but I did.
    8th Grader