Blogging From Barnard: Perfection

This post is part of an ongoing series of blog entries by Anjie D (FG3), a freshman at Barnard College writing about her experiences on the blog Uptown Girl. Here's an excerpt from Perfection:

Today is the best day in the year to show prospective students how great Barnard is. The African Dance classes are held outside to live music, in the sun, on a bright green lawn. The magnolia tree has littered the ground with its sweet-smelling petals. Seminar classes take place on the lawn. Everyone is smiling and laughing amongst groups of friends.  Everyone is outside. Campus is loud with chatter and discussion and music and brightly colored clothing that speaks for itself. The library is empty; the study room in the Diana is empty; people take lunch outside and sit under blossoming trees and right next to pockets of yellow daffodils. Everyone talks about all the cool classes they're signing up for in preparation for next semester.Simply put, today is perfection. There isn't a single female high school senior who sees Barnard today and decidedly hates it; there isn't a male student in Morningside Heights who doesn't appreciate Barnard's presence today. There might not even be a single male high school senior who sees Barnard today and doesn't wish he were female so he could attend Barnard.

We're even classier than the students across the street at Columbia who have turned concrete steps into an oceanless beach.

I love today. I love Barnard. I love my Barnard life.





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