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Our Students

We offer free college and career coaching to 361 San Francisco-based students. We make a 10-year commitment to each student, starting the summer after sixth grade through college graduation; our fourth cohort of students just became the first in their families to graduate from college!

Our students experience a rigorous five-week Summer Session; year-round academic instruction and tutoring; high school and college counseling; mentoring; internships; career exploration; and college application and financial aid application coaching.

Each student gets 300+ hours of personalized attention annually. 

Emerging Scholars

Middle School Students

Middle School Students

As they take the first step in their journey towards a college degree, we help our our middle school students improve their math and language arts skills to a competitive level, apply to academically rigorous high schools, and begin to think about what it means to be college-bound.

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College Prep

High School Students

High School Students

We help our students transition to  academically rigorous high schools, complete college preparatory coursework, and we coach them and their families through the long process of completing college applications and financing their college experience.

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College Success

College Students

College Students

We help our college students access on-campus resources, help them maintain a high level of academic performance,  provide them with opportunities to explore potential career pathways, and participate in career exploration activities.

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Success Stories from our Students


Harvard, 2012


U.C. Santa Cruz, 2013


SF State, 2014


Tufts, 2014

What our students are saying:

  • First Graduate is going to help me do better in school.
    7th Grader
  • First Graduate helped me realize that college was a possibility.
    12th Grader
  • Thanks to First Graduate's academic support I was able to graduate from high school and am now finishing my first year at college.
    JoannaCollege Freshman
  • This program has helped me realize that I am capable of going to college, and the college tours helped me to start thinking about where I want to go.
    10th Grader
  • I cannot put into words how amazing this program is! I am so glad and thankful that I joined 10+ years ago. The staff and supporters continue to go out of their way to make sure each student has the tools to get into college, succeed in college, and succeed in life.
    Lori LuongFG Alum
  • I really loved the teachers, they were so fun and caring. Their lessons were fascinating. I enjoyed the program this summer.
    9th Grader