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Ivan Garcia

Ivan Garcia

Program Coordinator, Promise Scholars

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enter site Ivan Garcia is an alum of the First Graduate Program and Promise Scholar Program. In 2016, he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

source After returning to San Francisco, Ivan worked for a year as a Financial Manager for a construction company. He then worked for The Center for Wellness and Achievement Education as a Meditation Coach for high school students. Daily practice of meditation created a space of comfort and safety for high impacted students to release their stress, while simultaneously increasing their creativity and emotional intelligence.

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 Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Maharishi University of Management

source site

What makes working at First Graduate meaningful to you?

I am honored and super excited to be the Promise Scholar Coordinator. I am here to be of service to our students, provide them with guidance and share my experiences with them as a first-generation college student. I am fully confident that when you give emotional and academic support to college students they feel confident to explore and discover their talents and passions and as a result, they make a deeper impression in this world.