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Jonathan Lopez

Jonathan Lopez

FG Intern

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Major: does accutane cause ulcerative colitis Legal Studies

“My name is Jonathan and I from South Gate, CA in southeast Los Angeles. I’m a Legal Studies major and Education minor and believe a quality education is the key to building great communities. I plan to continue into graduate school and work towards my goal to eventually work in education policy and have a direct impact on the policies and structure in our current education system. Coming from an area where not many people go on to higher education, I want to help those from my communities understand that education can lead you to many opportunities and help open doors for one to become successful for themselves and their communities.

I am interning at First Graduate because they have a vision to help first-generation college students succeed through all levels of education and reach places beyond just schooling. As a first-generation student myself, organizations like First Graduate are ones that help students like me in every step throughout education and I am very appreciative of programs that look to help out communities who need the resources to have people succeed. “