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Sha’Kuana Ona

Sha’Kuana Ona

College and Career Success Coach

source link Sha’Kuana Ona has always been a rolling stone. Originally from Oakland, she moved to the suburbs of Sacramento after elementary school. Wanting to know what else was out there in the world-she decided to attend college on the east coast. Although it was her first time outside of California, she braved the transition–and the elements! As a first generation college student herself, she had challenges navigating the college system and had many ups and downs along the way. However, it was a wonderful experience that helped her develop a passion for education, travel, and learning about different cultures. For that reason, Sha’Kuana has taught in the US, Mexico, and Japan. She wants to support other first generation students to create pathways for themselves so that they have as many options for their future as possible.

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Clark University, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology frusemide lasix side effects Lesley University, Master of Education

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What makes working at First Graduate meaningful to you?

Joining First Graduate, an organization that commits 10+ years to the success of first-generation students, is exciting, humbling, and inspiring, I can’t wait to see how our collaboration will change San Francisco and the world.