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Back 2 School 2019


FG is in full gear for the new year; our students are already back in school!
We sure would appreciate your support!

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Lupe’s Story

Guadalupe (Lupe) and her mother Maria came to the US when Lupe was six years old. They came to find a better life. Lupe joined First Graduate in sixth grade and has just started her freshman year at Mills College. I am grateful that Lupe and Maria shared their story with me. They are courageous women who are determined to change the future for their family through education. – Terri Forman

Maria: I didn’t think it was possible for my daughter go to college; it’s so expensive. Over time, I saw the academic and the financial help she received from First Graduate. When she came home with the news that she was accepted to college, we were afraid that we could not afford to send her. The scholarships she received mean that she can go to the college she wants to attend. That wouldn’t have happened without First Graduate.

Lupe & her mother, Maria

Back 2 School - Lupe Interview

Back 2 School - Maria Interview

Lupe: I was scared that I wouldn’t be accepted to FG because so many kids had applied. My mom kept calling up to say that I would be a good student. When I was applying to a private high school, FG helped me with my application. FG also helped me with ACY test practice and paid for two tests. I was also able to apply to more colleges because FG paid for the applications. FG helped me choose target, reach, and safety schools and helped me with scholarships to make my dream of going to a university that has my major come true.

Maria: I am happy that she will be the first to graduate and become a nurse or a doctor; the scholarships will help her get through school. She is a motivator for my son who is 9 years old; he says if she becomes a nurse or a doctor, then he wants to be a lawyer. Lupe has inspired him.

Lupe: My dream is to become a nurse in four years and then go to med school. I am a little scared of falling apart. . . I went to a diverse high school with mostly brown and black students. I’m scared that college is mostly white; I’m worried about competing.
My mentor for freshman year (Coach 3.0 volunteer) works at Mills College [and is a former First Graduate team member], so I feel good about that, and I know that I have support at First Graduate to help me. First Graduate helped me understand the school process here in the US; without that support, I would not have been able to do such a good job on my applications.

Maria: I am grateful for all the help that Lupe has received—the scholarships and the tutoring. It was good to know that her status would not be an impediment to going to college—I recommend First Graduate to families who dream of sending their children to college!

Lupe: The trips to visit different types of colleges in Southern California really helped me understand what college could be like. I am starting at Mills College and then plan to go to Simmons College. I want to tell people that giving to First Graduate is an investment; it helps others, especially in communities that are not as represented in college. You are helping to break the stereotypes of Blacks and Latinos/as not making it in college in the US.

Maria: Thank you for your big hearts and for helping people. May G-d bless you and please keep helping!

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