College Essay Recap

Every year FG high school seniors participate in college essay coaching workshops where they are connected with an FG volunteer who works with them during the beginning stages of their college essays. During these sessions, the volunteers help the students find ways to authentically tell their stories and highlight their strengthens–in under 400 words!

FG Volunteers focus on affirming the experiences students have and the stories they choose to share.

So what’s next? Seniors will continue dropping into our office for support sessions for the rest of October and November. With the help of our FG volunteers, the review, writing, and editing process will continue until the seniors submit their college applications on November 14th.

Once students submit their college applications our HS Team will continue working with them and their families as they complete and submit their FAFSA and find scholarships that will offset the cost of college tuition. In April and May, our team will also sit down with each student and family to review their college acceptance letters and financial aid packages while advising them on the school(s) that are the best fit because student loan debt is no joke.

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Cesar’s Story: from Student to Alumni, and Volunteer

“I vividly remember when Anthony, who is a former FG employee, came to my math class and presented the word ‘college,’ and I was sold,” he says. Cesar’s family had emigrated from Latin America when he was a child, and whatever hurdles had existed in achieving a higher education dissipated on that day in class. FG would counsel him in the ensuing years on both financial and academic matters, bolstering him to fulfill his greatest potential as a student. Of the 23 colleges he applied to, he was accepted by 18.

Justice for All – Black Lives Matter

In making a statement on behalf of First Graduate, let me be clear—the murder of George Floyd, like that of so many unarmed black people before him—was wrong. Black lives matter. Our work is centered on education access and success for all because we believe that it is the gateway to equity, inclusion, leadership, and

You continue to make a difference for every student!

What a time this is! We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and stay that way. Because of you and your support, we continue to coach our students, virtually, of course. Some students do not have access to WiFi at home and do not have computers. You have made it possible for