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Throughout their 12 years with First Graduate, each student and their family has a coach assigned to address individual student needs. Coaching includes family home visits, monthly student meetings, parent and student conferences, and interface with teachers, administrators, counselors, and programmatic partners to stay on top of students’ academic performance. Students are evaluated every semester by our staff according to a rubric that includes attendance and school performance, measured by progress reports and final report cards.

To gauge student success, we’ve established the following benchmarks toward our students’ goal of college completion:

Student Success

First Graduate high school seniors that graduate: 99%
First Graduate high school graduates enrolled in a two or four-year college: 100%
First Graduate students that are CSU eligible: 88%
First Graduate high school students with a 3.3 GPA or higher: 68%
First Graduate students that are UC eligible: 68%

FG12 Senior Snapshot – 2018

Our current senior class, the 12th cohort of First Graduate (FG12), has 37 students attending 10 high schools

  • Average ACT score: 21
  • ACT Range: 14-32
  • Free/Reduced Lunch: approximately 75%
  • Average GPA* : 3.3
  • 76% have a GPA* of 3.0 and higher
  • 46% have a GPA* of 3.5 and higher

*cumulative, unweighted


See where they’re going to college

% of Students Who Enroll in BA Degrees

% of Students Who Enroll in BA Degrees

% of First Generation Students Who Graduate in 6 Years

% of First Generation Students Who Graduate in 6 Years

Program Growth

New Students Accepted in 2018

High School Graduates in 2018

Students in College in 2018

Our Long Term Vision

We believe that in order to create lasting change in the educational success of students attending San Francisco public schools we need to focus on those students with the greatest need – those who come from households without a college-going tradition who attend schools that are unable to provide them the assistance and resources they need to succeed in high school, graduate from college, and excel in their careers. In order to serve more of these students, we are embedded at James Denman Middle School and Everett Middle School, both located in the southeastern corridor of San Francisco.

We estimate that there are 2,000 sixth graders in the San Francisco Unified School District each year that could become first generation college graduates. By closing the achievement gap in a way that aligns with District-stated goals–such as creating a college going culture in middle school–we are SFUSD’s ideal partners. First Graduate is the only college access program that starts in middle school and stays with students through college graduation.

By changing the expectations for low-income students and their families and making a college education attainable, we change the dynamics of families, neighborhoods, and communities. Together, we can make social justice a reality by ensuring that every student in San Francisco has access to high quality learning experiences so that they can succeed in college and beyond.


We partner with the Mission Beacon Center at Everett Middle School, with James Denman Middle School, and with Leadership High School. We also work collaboratively with Aim High, Mission Graduates, ASAP, Scholar Match, Maisin Scholars, Meritus, and SEO Scholars.