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Student Profile – Sisma

Name: Sisma

Grade: 8th

School: Everett Middle School

Olivia's Post-Interview Impressions

misuse of levitra professional “Sisma and I met at the Career Day event that First Graduates’ Middle School team put forth and that day I saw a girl who was very quiet but when she was with her friends she was so personable. Just like myself, she wasn’t 100% ready to go back to school. However I admire the way Sisma listens and you can tell she’s thinking before she speaks because what she has to say is always well thought out and right on time.”

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real levitra generic best price “Sisma is really excited to be a part of the arts. She currently draws and wants to become an architect when she is older. Imagine that! I think that her steadfast ability to create something out of nothing put her on the right track to make that dream come true and most importantly she has time, I mean she is only in the 8th grade.”

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