Student Spotlight: Nafisa Adams

Nafisa Adams


Nafisa was introduced to First Graduate by her sister, who was part of FG 1. Nafisa was five years old and eventually became a part of FG 11. First Graduate led to many summer opportunities and internships, awakening in Nafisa a passion for community building and social justice. She greatly admires FG’s support of low-income families as well as its unwavering care for her mental well-being. Even though she no longer meets with FG staff often, FG continues to check in on her. One of Nafisa’s fondest memories at FG happened during her junior year in high school when she attended a summer opportunity fair: She landed an internship with Golden Gate Park Conservancy.


Nafisa is in her third year at UCLA and expects to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2022. She also works at Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program (MYEEP), a nonprofit organization similar to FG that helps high school students academically. Nafisa intends to make the nonprofit sphere a part of her life. She is determined to give back to a community that has nurtured her belief in achieving her fullest potential.


As a college student in the midst of a pandemic, Nafisa highlights self-care and a healthy mental state, as online school can be stressful. For high schoolers currently applying to colleges, she advises them to take their time and to trust the process, as it can be overwhelming. Nafisa based her college application on a variety of factors. Although grades are important, extracurricular activities, jobs, and other supplementary activities will boost an applicant’s credentials. As for middle schoolers, she stresses that motivation and drive are essential to becoming well-rounded students.

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