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Our Students

Our Students

There are over 450 students in San Francisco that currently receive free college and career through First Graduate. We make a 10-year commitment to each student, starting the summer after sixth grade through college graduation; our fifth cohort of students just became the first in their families to graduate from college!

Our students experience a rigorous five-week Summer Session; year-round academic instruction and tutoring; high school and college counseling; mentoring; internships; career exploration; and college application and financial aid application coaching.

Each student gets 300+ hours of free personalized attention annually. 

In her own words

Alena, a college student at UC Merced, speaks about her experience with First Graduate and what being the first college graduate in her family means to her.



Academics & Demographics

First Graduate high school seniors that graduate: 100%
First Graduate high school graduates enrolled in a two or four-year college: 100%
First Graduate students that are CSU eligible: 88%
First Graduate high school students with a 3.3 GPA or higher: 68%

Female 61%

Male 39%



Come from immigrant families


Qualify for free or reduced lunches





Asian/Pacific Islander



The Odds They Face

of Black and Latino Students graduate high school.

of first generation students will graduate college without help.

SFUSD students come from a household without a college degree.

Their 10-Year Path To Becoming A College Graduate

Middle School

Students improve their math and language arts skills, apply to academically rigorous high schools, and begin to think about what it means to be college-bound.

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High School

Students complete college preparatory coursework, and receive coaching to help them and their families through the college applications and financing process.

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College & Career

Students get help accessing resources, maintaining a high level of academic performance, and exploring potential career pathways through internships.

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Meet Our Newest College Graduates

AracelyAracely - The New School

Brandon Aguilar

Brandon - San Francisco State


Damonta - Fisk University

Denis Galo

Denis - San Francisco State

Elizabeth ArellanoElizabeth - Kalamazoo College


Gaby - Lewis & Clark College

Ivan Garcia photo

Ivan - Maharishi University of Management

Jessica MauldinJessica - Cal State Northridge

Jonathan EscobarJonathan - San Francisco State University

Karina Sandoval

Karina - UC Santa Barbara


Kiuver - San Francisco State University

Larissa Martinez photoLarissa - UCLA

Leandro GuerreroLeandro - UC Davis


Leslie - Samuel Merritt University

Maria Romero

Maria - Simmons College

Mercedes PerezMercedes - San Francisco State University

What our students are saying:

  • I've learned many things during my years with First Graduate, but above all I have learned the importance of staying on track and taking advantage of help and opportunities offered to me.
    AlexisCollege Freshman
  • First Graduate is going to help me do better in school.
    7th Grader
  • With First Graduate I felt like I was 10 steps ahead of all my friends at school.
    DaisyCollege Student
  • I want to be that person who people look up to, who people say "She went to college."
    KrystalCollege Student
  • I love having my English and math teachers because they are funny and make learning interesting.
    9th Grader
  • Thanks to First Graduate's academic support I was able to graduate from high school and am now finishing my first year at college.
    JoannaCollege Freshman