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Our next volunteering opportunity is Discovery Day on Saturday, April 26th, 2014. Click here for more information.

First Graduate offers many opportunities for you to get involved in our program and support our students. You can make a difference by volunteering to serve in one or more of the following areas:

Academics - First Graduate's Academic Coaches help students improve their study skills and master their academic subjects, including language arts, mathematics and science. Volunteer time: At least once/week for two hours after school.

College Counseling - Help students with college research, SAT preparation, and the development of personal statements for college applications.

Career Exploration - You can be a Career Advisory Coach and assist students with summer internship research, resume writing, and career guidance. You can also serve as a career panelist, Career Day host, and informational interviewer.

Student Evaluation - Help interview and assess prospective students on Discovery Day (in April), part of First Graduate's application process. At the Presentations of Learning (in August), when students offer presentations about their progress, you can pose questions and offer constructive feedback.

Organizational Support - Volunteers assist with a range of activities that keep the organization running, such as administrative work, mailings, fundraising, securing sponsorships and in-kind donations, event planning, and marketing support--yes, we need you!

To volunteer, please click here to fill out our Volunteer Application Form. We will respond to you very quickly. Please feel free to email us, or call with any questions: (415) 878-6147.

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