College Success

72% of our college students graduate college and attain degrees within 6 years, compared to 32% nationally. Our wrap around services provide academic support, access to campus resources, and career coaching to make sure our students graduate and are ready to pursue careers that are meaningful to them. 

Our philosophy:

Our students are whole human beings with a variety of needs and challenges. Our holistic approach starts with an emphasis on listening to our students’ unique situations, struggles, and aspirations. This allows us to co-create solutions with our students and enable them to become interdependent problem solvers.

Coach 3.0 volunteer coaches support first year college students, set up work-plans, identify campus resources, and develop strategies so that our students earn at least 3.0 GPA during their first year of college.

LaunchPad is a new career-development initiative in partnership with Deloitte. Professionals support our soon-to-be and recent college graduates with career development opportunities like finding internships, career research, interview preparation, and networking so that they’re set up to take the next steps towards the careers that are meaningful to them.