High School

First Graduate High School students are strong candidates for the college and careers of their choice. They make well informed decisions about their colleges with their families and enter college knowing their best educational and financial option.

Students visit colleges and universities, in addition to being connected to college admissions officers across the country, which broadens our students’ worldviews and supports them in finding their best fit college.

Students connect with our professional advisors, trained volunteers, and one another as a peer-network, to make sure they stay on track academically, have excellent college admissions essays, professional resumes, and learn about their options for colleges, careers, and majors. 

Each family sits down with us to learn their educational options and make a detailed plan on choosing the best academic and financial fit. We support students and families applying for financial aid on their campus as well as outside scholarships. A majority of our students earn scholarships through our partnerships with the Caerus Foundation and Quest Foundation.

We partner with Aspire Education Project to provide our students with a 7-week ACT Test Prep Program significantly improving their scores and opening up more college opportunities.