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get link First Graduate is a San Francisco-based college access and success program that helps students become first generation college graduates.

finasteride drug interaction We make a 12-year commitment to each student, starting the summer after sixth grade through college graduation.

source url 99% of our high school seniors graduate and enroll in a 2- or 4-year college. 72% of our students graduate from college within 6 years.

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Who Do We Help?


8 out of 10 SFUSD students do not have a parent with a college degree, and without some form of intervention only 4% of them will graduate college. Only 11% of first-generation students will graduate from college. 

We make a 12-year commitment to each student. We recruit students in 6th grade and provide them with free coaching each year until they graduate college. 

99% of our high school seniors graduate from high school and enroll in colleges such as Barnard, Middlebury, The University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, Tufts, and UC Berkeley. Our newest cohort of high school graduates received 200+ acceptance letters. 



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More than 400 volunteers like you help students on their journey towards becoming first generation college graduates – from the instant a young person enrolls as a middle school student, to the triumphant moment when s/he graduates from college.


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  • First Graduate helped me get into a great high school. They prepared me to take the entrance test...When I got accepted to the Bay School I was really happy because I didn't think I could make it, but I did.
    8th Grader
  • My grades were suffering, so I came to First Graduate in search of a way to improving my academics.
    9th Grader
  • First Graduate students believe in the program, they believe they can go to college. It just takes people outside of them to believe in it too for change to happen.  
    GuilderFG Alumni
  • The best thing that happened this year at First Graduate is that I got better at math.
    8th Grader
  • Fun academic classes, I enjoyed English and STEM.
    8th Grader
  • First Graduate is the safety harness that catches us when we fall.
    College Freshman