Alumni Spotlight: Leandro Guerrero

Meet Leandro Guerrero from First Graduate.  

Born in Peru, Leandro moved to San Francisco as a child and attended Horace Mann Middle School and Lowell High School.

Leandro credits First Graduate with teaching him valuable life skills, such as time management. He has fond memories of spending hours in the First Graduate office, working with peers and staff to complete college applications ahead of school deadlines.

After graduating from high school, Leandro earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California Davis. He then worked at various research laboratories to get hands-on industry experience. 

Today, Leandro lives in Burlingame and is a cell therapy specialist at a company called Nkarta. Using the tools he acquired as a young person at First Graduate, he continues to learn, grow, and inquire. 

Leandro encourages students to focus on personal growth and development throughout their lives. This includes the importance of not limiting themselves when they apply to colleges–and instead seeking every available opportunity to find the best fit for them.

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