Another trauma inflicted on young people

Children and their families need to believe that school is a safe haven. We deplore the violence that has become all too commonplace in schools, and our hearts ache for the young people and adults targeted at Rudsdale Newcomer High School in Oakland.

Violence anywhere is abhorrent. The prevalence of guns as a means to resolve issues is a national tragedy that has nothing to do with the Second Amendment and everything to do with greed, hate, and xenophobia.

We at First Graduate® stand firm in allyship with one another, and with our community.

Terri Forman

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Be a Voice Against Hate

At First Graduate, we decry anti-Semitism and Islamophobia at our schools, college campuses, and in our communities. Our organization centers around providing access to quality education for everyone. We must stand with all who acknowledge and respect the humanity in each of us. We are one species. In this divisive moment, we implore you to