Congratulations! – 2018 Graduating HS Students


To all our HS Senior graduates!

We couldn’t be more proud of all your hard work and dedication!


Jordan and Aileen

Jordan and Aileen (Galileo Academy of Science and Technology) headed to
UC Santa Cruz

Marriah and Marcos

Marriah and Marcos (Abraham Lincoln High School) headed to

Tammy and Melissa

Tammy and Melissa (Washington High School) headed to
CSU Long Beach

Aileen Michael Tammy and Jahniece

Aileen, Michael, Tammy, and Jahnice (Phillip and Sala Burton High School) headed to
CSU Sonoma

Marriah and Tatiana

Marriah and Tatiana (Galileo Academy of Science and Technology) headed to
Mills College

Michael and Brittany

Michael and Brittany (Abraham Lincoln High School) headed to
CSU Sacramento

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You continue to make a difference for every student!

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