FG: Sophomore’s November Advisory with Nesley

This month, Michael and I focused on 2 things:

  1. How to handle and cope with stress as sophomores and in general, and also
  2. How to navigate a college website.

We did this in two separate groups, which gave the students a chance to meet and talk to other students they aren’t familiar with. It also offered a smaller group setting to talk more and ask questions.

The students learned how to identify stressors, in and out of school, as well as learning new techniques for coping with their stress. Students also shared their stressors and discussed similar stressors they have with each other.

In the second workshop the students participated in a college webpage scavenger hunt where they needed to locate:

  • The academics page
  • The student life page
  • The admissions page

Navigating college webpages taught students how to find majors, admissions deadlines, application requirements, and clubs and student resources. All of these components are important in finding a good college fit and the best match for each student.

Students were able to meet other FG sophomores since we mixed them up into groups and they also got to know me more. I shared my first graduate story and how crucial navigating a college webpage was for me when choosing a college.
The students were very enthusiastic to learn about ways to cope with stress as well as sharing stressors with classmates. Students were also excited to work in pairs to navigate the college website for the scavenger hunt since they haven’t navigated many college websites before.

During this advisory, I learned about their current experiences at school and several colleges they’re interested in. Overall, I’d say this advisory was successful in our goal of identifying and coping with stressors and learning how to navigate a college webpage and the importance of it.

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