FG Student Updates: March Edition!!

FG Student Updates: March Edition!


7th Grade Workshops

7th graders are learning about their high school options in San Francisco and the process for applying to the different types of schools in SF! By the end of this semester they will have put together their own high school guide to use in the following year!

8th Grade High School Acceptances

Our 8th graders are waiting to hear back from the high schools they have applied to! In the meantime, they are beginning to work on a high school plan where they outline clubs, classes, and resources to look out for during their first semester as high school freshmen!

Summer Opportunities Workshop

Students came in on the weekend to work with volunteers on researching summer camps that they would be interested in! Students had a variety of interests, from acting to cooking to robotics! Once students identified a camp that they were excited about, volunteers helped them apply to the Youth Opportunity Scholarship, which awards students up to $500 to cover the cost of the camp.

“Charting the Course: Welcome FG19!”

We are having a big new student and family welcome ceremony on Wednesday March 13th, from 5:00-7:00pm at Leadership High School, to welcome and celebrate our newest cohort of students (FG19). Students will get to hear from older First Graduate® students and families will get to hear from parents of First Graduate® students.


First Generation Summit

We’ve been having partner meetings with USF to continue to finalize plans for the first ever First Generation Summit – an event for families and students to be involved in interactive workshops aimed to help them envision themselves thriving on a college campus. We’re excited that SEO Scholars will also be joining us for this event that is exclusively for our 9th/10th graders and their families.

ACT Prep Classes

We’re approaching our fifth week of ACT Prep for our Juniors. The test prep can cost ungodly amounts, but the kids are doing it for free with us and so far have been “loving” it.

High School Family Workshops

We just completed our second workshop of the school year with HS parents. We talked about the importance of extracurricular activities. We compared it to students being able to paint themselves differently than other students who have a similar GPA, SAT/ACT scores.

1:1 Meetings

We pride ourselves in truly focusing on meeting with students in one on ones to discuss any support they need socially, academically, or emotionally.


Impact Generation

In collaboration with Promise Scholar, Mission Graduate, and ASAP, we’ve created an alumni network that supports first-gen professionals and students throughout San Francisco. Our first event was a happy hour mixer at Slate Bar where we invited alumni from each of our programs and first generation professionals to network with one another! Our goal is to build a community of professionals that will help create access to jobs for our current college students. Check us out on LinkedIn!

Mission LEAP

Partnering with Mission Graduates and Promise Scholar we are creating the curriculum for the second year of our professional development fellowship. The fellowship will happen during the summer, with the a series of workshops and assignments focused on teaching career-building skills such as: resume writing, interviewing, professionalism in the workplace, and public speaking. In the next few months we will be finding facilitators for our workshops and selecting applicants.

Transition to College

We are currently working with the HS team to prepare Spring and Summer advisories for high school seniors. We will be supporting students with college decisions, financial aid, orientation, and housing to ensure that students successful transition into college.

Coach 3.0

We are working closely with Karina, Volunteer Engagement Associate, to support current Coach 3.0 volunteers who have been mentoring our students. We just finished a support session where volunteers discussed current challenges with students and collectively offered strategies to help. We will be hosting a volunteer happy hour in March and begin the recruitment process for new volunteers in April.

Immigrants Rising

Each month the college team facilitates a workshop for the fellows at Immigrants Rising. Our workshops this Spring include the following topics: networking, interview skills, resume Editing, and professionalism.


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First Graduate’s Alumni: Beating the Odds

All of this support-driven success is only possible because of the contributions from our donors. That’s why we’re offering you the opportunity to support our generation-changing organization with donations to our end-of-fiscal year campaign. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by the end of this month to sustain the positive impact we have on our First Graduate® students in a way that changes their lives forever.
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Cap & Gown

To Everyone Who Attended Cap & Gown 2023: Thank You!

As we celebrate our newest graduates, remember that first-generation students can move from sixth grade through college graduation and into meaningful careers because of you and your support! And we couldn’t do it without the help of our corporate supporters: Hamilton Zanze, Dodge & Cox, Accenture, Adobe, KPMG, BSSP, Millennium Career Advantage, and GoodRx.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Despite how difficult they can be to get, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of scholarships. Especially for a first-generation student, a scholarship can be the difference between being able to go to college and not.