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Freshmen Advisory @ Kabam

Freshmen Advisory @ Kabam

Cutlery! I learned a word for forks, spoons, and knives! Cutlery!” cried Millen, a 9th grader at Lincoln High School, who couldn’t hold back her excitement over a new word shared with her by a volunteer at her monthly advisory meeting.

Last week the walls at Kabam reverberated with a tornado of a dozen such inquiring teenage voices as employees at the San Francisco-based multiplayer social game developer took time to not only share a slice of pizza, but also encouragement and guidance, with our FG12 cohort of freshmen students.

The FG 12 cohort of freshmen traveled from all over the city (on a school day) to work with volunteers to create and modify their resumes, as well as practice a skill most of us take years to refine: the first impression. The students bravely practiced the basic pillars of a formal introduction, as outlined by First Graduate’s Career Success Manager Cassy Huang, by making direct eye contact, showing genuine excitement in meeting a new person, and exhibiting a strong sense of poise.

A big thank you from the whole FG Family to Kabam and all their wonderful employees!


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