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GoogleServe Partners Help Out @ Summer Program

GoogleServe Partners Help Out @ Summer Program

This summer we were thrilled to partner with GoogleServe, bringing 24 Google volunteers to participate in our middle school summer program.

At First Graduate’s summer program we strive to combine rigorous summer academics and college readiness with camp-like fun activities that middle school students love. The summer program is our middle school students’ first step in their First Graduate journey, and we hope to make it as memorable as possible!

One of our favorite days of summer program is Copa América Day in which students get a break from their summer academic classes to compete in activities like sports, trivia, and relay races. The goal of Copa América Day is to unite students with a sense of community and excitement. We thought this would be a great day to bring in GoogleServe, an initiative in which Google employees come together to volunteer in their communities.

GoogleServe volunteers arrived enthusiastically at Everett Middle School at 9am on June 24th, ready to dive headfirst into Copa América Day. Each volunteer joined a “country team” of students for the day and participated in all the day’s competitions with that team. The volunteers began by sitting down with their country teams to share their life stories and career paths with the students: where they grew up, what college was like for them, and how they ended up at Google. From there, the games began!

Volunteers supported students as they created country flags, team cheers, and entered into silly competitions like a recycled fashion show and a balloon toss. From an impressive rendition of Pitch Perfect’s “Cup Song” to a heartbreaking soccer game between Mexico and Venezuela, kids and volunteers had a blast bonding over team pride and competition. GoogleServe volunteers showed tons of spirit and kept the students motivated all day!

First Graduate staff and students are grateful for the wonderful service GoogleServe volunteers did with our students and our community this summer and we look forward to more partnership opportunities in the future.

Terri is the Senior Director, Philanthropy and Marketing here at First Graduate. See Terri's full profile.