Intern Spotlight: Marta Mendoza

Intern Sportlight: Marta Mendoza

Born in San Francisco to immigrant parents, Marta Mendoza grew up learning that dreams are possible with hard work and belief in even the smallest of opportunities. She attended Gateway Middle School then entered high school at Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA), graduating in the class of 2019. She is now a sophomore at San Francisco State University, where she majors in computer science with a minor in political science. As a female in STEM, Marta can feel intimidated by the field’s underrepresentation of women, particularly women of color. But her passion empowers her to push onward with her career and to break through gender stereotypes and barriers.

First Graduate is a unique resource: it benefits both the students and their families. Marta attributes FG for the possibilities she has been blessed with toward a fulfilling life. As the child of immigrants and the first in the family who will earn a college diploma, she initially found applications to colleges and FAFSA overwhelming. The process became easy when FG mentors sat with her one-on-one to guide her. A retreat to write her personal statements during the summer before her senior year was a turning point. In addition to drafting ideas for the college prompts, she reflected for the first time on a future beyond college. With a fresh perspective, she knew the next steps to take in her educational journey

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