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Monday Brunch w/ FG Seawolves and Bobcats

Monday Brunch w/ FG Seawolves and Bobcats

Over the next couple of weeks, many First Graduate college students will be returning to their respective campuses for another year of college and are one step closer to obtaining their college degrees.

For our incoming college freshman, the transition from high school to college student will be eye-opening. To help make that transition a little smoother for some students, this year we hosted a special meet and greet event, “Monday Brunch with FG Bobcats and Seawolves”. During the brunch, incoming college freshmen (FG9) got an opportunity to meet and connect with upperclassmen at UC Merced and Sonoma State University. Through icebreaker activities and a panel discussion, the upperclassmen were able to share valuable insight for a successful transition to college.

We’re so excited to start building a network of First Graduate students on college campuses, and thrilled that this incoming college freshmen now know a small FG community they can lean on as soon as they step onto their college campuses this Fall!

Terri is the Senior Director, Philanthropy and Marketing here at First Graduate. See Terri's full profile.