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An Open Letter to Our Community

An Open Letter to Our Community

Dear Friends,

First Graduate’s mission has always been to help students become the first in their families to graduate from college. This is the best way to move families out of poverty and give them the opportunity to achieve their American dreams – just as our parents and grandparents were able to do. What has become clearer by the day is that our mission is one of social justice – giving all students in San Francisco the same opportunity to have access to and attain a college education.

As the scope of government funding to help those who need it most–-marginalized communities– is narrowing, First Graduate and other community based organizations have an opportunity to step up and help even more people. It also means that people like you need to act on your best instincts to help and make positive change happen – through us and other nonprofits.

Everyone who values freedom and access for all: we call upon you to bolster the social compact that we as Americans have always cherished. When the government is clamping down on our freedom, it is up to us to act in ways that make sure that our rights are not repressed.

Our students – all 453 of them – are determined, creative, intelligent, resilient – exhibiting all of the qualities that have characterized all the generations of immigrants who have succeeded in this country and have helped build it to become a positive force in the world. I cannot wait to see the impact that our students will have in years to come.

So, I ask you to redouble your commitment to our students and to First Graduate. Volunteer, give, involve your companies, your friends, your family members. Tell them why you care about our students. Give them the opportunity to make a difference. In these days when so many are feeling powerless, you can give them a way to matter and to make change happen by helping a student move towards a better life.

We at First Graduate will not live in fear. We are a sanctuary for our students and their families. We are their advocates and their biggest fans. Join us in standing up for social justice here in San Francisco.

Sincerely yours,

Terri Forman
Interim Executive Director

Terri is the Senior Director, Philanthropy and Marketing here at First Graduate. See Terri's full profile.