Saying “no” to hate and racism


Dear Friends,

First Graduate® has been active on Twitter because we believed that the platform was a good way to connect with our community–our students, our donors, our partners, and our volunteers.

It has become clear lately that hate, racism, and sanctioned disinformation endanger the lives of people everywhere and we can not continue legitimizing that space with our active participation.

Therefore, in solidarity with those who believe in a decent, equitable society, we are indefinitely suspending our use of Twitter. Over the coming months, we are re-evaluating our communications strategies to determine how we might continue engaging with the philanthropic community still engaging on that platform. For now, please stay connected with us via our newsletter, our blog, and on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Thank you for supporting our students and our mission in a way that empowers and lifts all voices for good.

Kind regards,

Terri Forman
Executive Director

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