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SoCal College Knowledge Tour

SoCal College Knowledge Tour

While our high school seniors were making their college choices earlier this month, our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were busy cramming into vans and running up and down the California coast doing college tours. The purpose was to give our students a better idea of what campus life is really like, let them meet and chat with admissions staff, and figure out what kind of college and college experience is right for them.

Beyond the collective wisdom of the First Graduate College Prep Team, our students were lucky enough to be able to meet with First Graduate students who were currently working towards their college degrees as various schools along the way.

In all the students visited eight schools in five days, including: Cal Poly Pomona, Pitzer College, Whittier College, Occidental College, CSU Long Beach, UC San Diego, UC Merced, and UCLA.

We asked students to give us their feedback on the trip and here are a few of our favorites:

“I really enjoyed getting to ask the colleges questions, and asking them directly, compared to having to Google them. I also enjoyed being able to mix and bond with the other FG cohorts. It truly was an amazing trip and opened my eyes for what I have to start doing in order to be a strong college candidate.” – 9th grader

“Before this trip, I was completely clueless about what college I want to go to. This trip opened my eyes to the types of things I would want in a college: the environment, class sizes, and lifestyle. I gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge I have never known before. I now have a goal to work towards, thanks to this trip.” – 10th grader

“The trip has impacted my motivation immensely. If I act upon tiny changes in my academics now and make them habits then I know college won’t be hard for me to get into. This trip really put me in perspective for the things that I will be needing to do.” – 9th grader

“I’m pumped for college already.” – 11th grader

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