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Marriah Humphrey

Marriah Humphrey

Advisor, College Access & Career Readiness

side and effects accutane Marriah was an advisor for first year college students in Virginia before joining the First Graduate team and also has experience mentoring middle school students. She is excited about working with high school students and diving into the challenges that first generation students encounter during the college application process. Her passion for access to higher education cultivates from personal and professional experiences. Marriah is the youngest of four siblings and the first to graduate from college. After college graduation, Marriah served as an AmeriCorps member at an international middle school in Washington with City Year. Her focus was on academic interventions and mentoring. During her time at George Mason University in Virginia, she served as a resident advisor and student involvement intern. Building community and event planning, fueled a dedication to positive student experience and campus involvement. Marriah attended high school in Hayward and is eager to serve students closer to home.

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B.A., George Mason University

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What makes working at First Graduate meaningful to you?

Growing up in a single-parent household, meant navigating the college application process on my own most of the time and resources at my high school were minimal. I was ineligible for the state schools I applied to due to a requirement that I was unaware of and was excited to attend an out of state institution without considering the cost. At the end of my first semester, I packed up my dorm room worried that I would not be able to return because my financial aid application had not been completed correctly. Thankfully, I was able to correct it and return for my Spring semester and following semesters to complete my first degree. As an advisor, I hope to help fill the gaps that were missing at the beginning of my college experience.