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Tammy Yan

Tammy Yan

College Access & Career Readiness Advisor

Tammy moved to San Francisco at a young age and immediately fell in love with San Francisco’s scenery, culture and community (though she was a bit hesitant about the fog). In addition, it reminded her a lot of her hometown, Hong Kong, with its city lights, diversity, crazy traffic and challenging parking. Growing up Tammy was involved in many youth programs in San Francisco, one of which had taught her the values of community and helped her define her Asian American identity.

After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with double majors in Business Management and Film & Digital Media, Tammy wanted to reconnect with community work. She realized her involvements in high school gave her confidence, courage and compassion to overcome and grow from academic and personal challenges. Therefore, she want to support future generations develop similar navigation tools. She is looking forward to continue to grow in this field.

B.A. UC Santa Cruz