Cesar’s Story: from Student to Alumni, and Volunteer

Cesar Zamora is a member of the Associate Board at First Graduate, proudly living its mission to help students become first-generation college graduates. He has volunteered as a tutor and advisor to students completing their high school applications. His current role includes leading the FG alumni committee, with the objective to build a community of open communication and networking.

Cesar is himself an alumnus. “I vividly remember when Anthony, who is a former FG employee, came to my math class and presented the word ‘college,’ and I was sold,” he says. Cesar’s family had emigrated from Latin America when he was a child, and whatever hurdles had existed in achieving a higher education dissipated on that day in class. FG would counsel him in the ensuing years on both financial and academic matters, bolstering him to fulfill his greatest potential as a student. Of the 23 colleges he applied to, he was accepted by 18. 

Now Cesar is a role model of hope and tenacity. Among the students whose lives he has touched in his one year as an FG Associate Board member are two nephews and a sister currently in the 10th grade. “I can help other people to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that’s something that I truly enjoy,” says Cesar. “I can see how my story resonates with so many people.”

Author: Rafaelito Sy

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