You continue to make a difference for every student!

What a time this is!

We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and stay that way. Because of you and your support, we continue to coach our students, virtually, of course.

Some students do not have access to WiFi at home and do not have computers. You have made it possible for us to give them Chromebooks so that they can complete homework packets, continue with their practice tests and school applications. Some exciting news: our 30 high school seniors have received 81 college acceptances! We are reviewing offer letters and financial aid packages with them and their parents over the next couple of weeks to help them make good college choices.

Our rising high school freshmen are also receiving acceptances and award letters–four students will be going to SOTA and one to Archbishop Riordan High School as an Achieve Scholar!

Our Coach 3.0 volunteers continue their work with our college freshmen and other volunteers have been understanding that generous offers of time will be tapped at a later date.

Some people have been asking about our annual Cap & Gown benefit event scheduled for May 7. We will be moving the event online, so check in with us about our amazing live auction, to hear stories about our newest college grads, and more!

The event raises almost $300,000 for First Graduate–about 20% of our budget. If we are able to  meet our goal, we will have operating reserves for the first time in many years that will help us prepare us to deal with situations like the one challenging us now. We are grateful to our funders who have already sent messages of support and emergency funds even as they know that the nature of our work has moved from in-person coaching to online, phone, and text outreach.

We have already been receiving generous donations in response to our mailed invitation and we hope those will continue. Our work goes on, helping students attain their dreams of becoming first generation college graduates. Your support during this health crisis means so much to our students and their families. So please, participate in Cap & Gown this year, even if the event is not held in the usual way. We will share stories about our graduates and find other ways to show you how you are making a difference.

We need you now more than ever. In times like these, we all take stock of what is important in our lives. We are grateful for your support and wish you continued safety and good health.

With deep gratitude,


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Priority #1 – Student Well-being

Our students, their health and well-being are our priority. We are monitoring the reports related to COVID-19 and will be guided by the recommendations of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). For now, we continue our work coaching students towards college access and success.

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